Another long silence. I know. I am sorry to those who are interested in seeing more postings on my latest crafting. Truth is, I am sharing a computer with another family member right now and since this blog is a hobby and not work related, I am giving over the bulk of the computer time to the one with a more pressing need. Still, not wanting to abandon the blog completely, I have decided to try and make some postings in the little moments I have at the computer. Though they will not be as involved as some of my previous postings, I will still be recording my projects.

This photo is of a very simple project that I did that really does not require a great deal of explanation. In the past year or so, I have seen a rise in the popularity of making soap dispensers out of canning jars. The craft stores carry special lids and pumps, along with the jars, to make putting these together very easy.  But why spend money on special jars and pumps if you already have that on hand? I believe the jar in the picture originally held some sort of prepared sauce (Alfredo?). I saved it because I thought the jar had a pretty shape. When I looked to see if I had a pump on hand, I found one that had once been on a bottle of hand lotion.  The plastic straw on the pump was longer than the height of my jar, but after I trimmed it down, all that I had to do to make the pump was to punch a hole in the jar lid to accept the pump, hot glue the pump in place, and paint the lid/pump assembly. Project complete.

I have been using this for several months now and except for some places where the paint needs to be touched up, it looks great and is working well. Since the paint I used was left over from another project, my dispenser was free except for a small dab of hot glue!

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