I don’t have a great deal of time to post this week so I thought I would show some of the things that we have crafted this year using re-claimed yarn from old sweaters. In the past I have made baby items , a small purse, and hot pads, but my daughter and I took an interest in socks last summer and wanted to try making them. By using re-cycled yarn we could try them without having to worry about wasting money if we messed up. 🙂

My daughter was smart and started small!  She worked with re-claimed cotton yarn and made baby socks. Aren’t they adorable?! She even loom knitted a matching hat for one set. Her goal, in addition to mastering sock making, was also to have some inexpensive baby gifts already on hand. These turned out so well and are so cute, it is hard to give them away! Fortunately, there are generally several skeins of yarn in each adult-sized sweater, so we can make a lot of baby gifts from each one.

I did not start out as small. I had had my eye on some washable wool that came into my house as a man’s grey sweater. I had been wanting to make some wool socks to wear around the house in the winter time and having them be washable was going to be an added luxury that I would not have been able to afford if I had had to buy the yarn from the store. I used a free pattern that I found on the Internet and, to my great delight, they fit me very well without having to make a number of adjustments. I have been wearing them this whole winter, and the only place that seems to be wearing out is the section directly under the toes. Since I have plenty of yarn and the sock was formed from the cuff to the toe, all I need to do this summer is to take out the toes, re-join my yarn ,and crochet a reinforced toe section for next winter. Not bad for a dollar!

I still have several projects that are in various stages of completion. This stuffed lamb is a hybrid of purchased yarn and yarn that was salvaged from a sweater. I did not have any re-claimed dark brown yarn on hand, so that is purchased, but both the stuffing for the animal and the acrylic “wool” that is being stitched on are recycled. It is taking some time to get the fleece on, but I hope to give this as a gift this much later in the year, so I have some time to finish it.


Another project that is nearing completion is a baby cardigan that I was making with some re-claimed cream-colored cotton yarn. It is made over an old Crochet Today pattern that I liked and I am finishing up the sleeves. I am at the point where I need to make a decision about whether to make it for a boy or girl so I know where to place the button holes along the front. I may make a note about the hook size I was using and store it along with more of the yarn until I know who I am making it for!

Another advantage of reclaimed yarn is that you get to experiment on some projects with really nice yarn. One of the sweaters that we unraveled last year had a beautiful soft pink yarn that I am trying to turn into a newborn sweater. I don’t have a pattern for this one (or an infant for that matter!), so I am using a newborn garment as a guide and the work is slow going! I wanted to experiment with top-down pattern designs, so I don’t have any idea if it will turn out or not, but the yarn was only a dollar!

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  1. pat says:

    It is so exciting to see what you’re going to post next in your creative up-cycled projects. You always have the smartest ideas. Thanks for sharing your talent and taking the time to post your creativity. Hope you’re able to carve out some time for yourself to continue working on the things you enjoy.

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