Up to this point, all the frames that I had made had flat fronts with some sort of covering. On this frame, I had painted it white, but I did not like the way the paint looked when I finished with it, so I decided to see if I could make it look more like a regular frame. I began by covering the paint with more cardboard. I cut another “front” piece from thin cardboard, but this time I cut through from the outside corners to the inside corners and then glued the pieces down so that it gave the appearance of mitered corners. With more cardboard strips I made a raised narrow edge along each side by folding the cardboard over at a point extending 1/4″ beyond the depth of the frame. I mitered these pieces to match the lines I had cut on the previous step. I did not take a better picture of this step (sorry!), but I hope the photo to the right helps to clarify it.

With the frame covered in more cardboard, I wanted to give it further detail by allowing for some “molding”. I looked around for something that would provide a thin rounded edge where the sides met the front surface. As you can see from the pictures, uncooked spaghetti noodles worked very well! After I had protected the plastic in the center, I again painted the frame.

I had made this frame with a standard support piece on the back, so the only thing that I had left to do was to provide a bit of contrast for the frame since I knew that I would be using it for quotes that would be presented on a white background. I achieved this by decoupaging the flat surfaces between my spaghetti noodles with some pretty paper.  If I ever want to change the room it is displayed in or even change the theme of the room, I can always change the color and paper to match.

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