As I was looking around for different ways to disguise my cardboard frames, I came across some scraps of burlap in my sewing room that were leftover from another home project. Since burlap has enjoyed a degree of popularity recently, it is available in a fairly wide range of colors and patterns, and I had two shades of brown on hand. Using the burlap to cover the frame would also mean that it would coordinate with the other burlap accents in the room. The only thing that I had to do differently while forming the frame itself was to use the burlap to go over the brown paper as I was putting the frame together. If you try to add the fabric after the frame has been completely made, you will no longer be able to get to the center piece of cardboard (it will be trapped behind the clear plastic piece), and the paper along its edge will be visible. I debated a little while as to how I wanted to accent the frame -I thought that some stitched lines in brown embroidery thread might be nice- but in the end, I chose to use the darker brown burlap to form some flowers. I stiffened the burlap by dipping it in a solution of glue and water and then letting it dry (seen at right). Once it was stiff, I was able to cut it into flower shapes without it unraveling. The glue also allowed for the petals to be bent some which gave them more depth. I found some buttons to use as the center of the flowers and stitched them down with contrasting thread.  A little glue on the flower backs adheres them to the frame.

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