The first couple of frames that I made were designed to go in my husband’s office area, so I used things from nature to cover them. These two frames sit next to each other on a shelf and look very well together. The one to the left has small wood rounds glued over its surface. If my menfolk had had time to do it, I am sure they would have cut some rounds for me from sticks in the yard, but I did not need them to do this since I had found a package of the rounds on a clearance sale. I held on to them for some time just waiting to have an opportunity to put this together. This frames a five-by-seven inch photo or quote and has its own stand.

The frame to the right is smaller and I have it displayed on one of the easels I made from cardboard. It is covered in flakes of mica. I found  large chunks of it mixed in with some gravel on a dirt road and thought it would be pretty to cover a frame with. The mica flaked apart well and was easy to cut into strips to cover the sides with. I just glued it in place with craft glue.

Nature frames are very easy and would make a great project for children in a VBS or other kid’s group since the materials are really inexpensive! They would make really cute Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts.


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