This is another one of the gifts that I made for my children for Christmas  -this time for my daughters. Boot cuffs are the current fashion trend for dressing up tall boots and, as they are quick and easy to make, I made several pairs in different colors and styles. I really did not even have a pattern for the ones I have pictured here. I just picked out a stitch that I liked and formed a tube. 🙂  These are crocheted, but I could have knitted them if I had preferred a different look. Since boot cuffs are only a trend and will probably be out-of-fashion next year, I thought it prudent to use recycled yarn. In other words, I unraveled a sweater that was no longer fashionable but that had great yarn. Then I used this yarn  to fashion the latest “trend”.  If the trend dies at the end of the season, then I am not really out anything. I was able to enjoy a hobby of mine and bring joy to my daughters for free!

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  1. Pat says:

    You are so talented. Those boot cuffs are simply adorable. You have some of the most creative ideas! It’s always a joy to see what you have come of with next. May the Lord continue to bless you.

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