Another of my gifts this past Christmas was designed around an old t-shirt and a pair of discarded jeans.

My son happens to like cars. He is always aware of them as he is traveling down the road, and he and his father really enjoy going to classic car shows. When I saw this holey old t-shirt I decided it would really look better as an accent pillow on his bed than as a shirt on his body! The holes were all fairly low on the shirt and the design at the top did not show staining, so it was a good candidate for being re-made. I was excited to have this idea since it is sometimes difficult to find good inexpensive home-made gift ideas for guys, and this allowed me to add a personalized demonstration of my love for him under the Christmas tree.

This pillow did not even need a pattern. I removed the design by cutting a large rectangular section of the shirt, being careful to keep the car design centered and to cut through both the front and back sections. I wanted to have two layers of the t-shirt for better fabric strength in the final pillow, so I sewed them together to be one piece. To frame the t-shirt, I used strips from old jeans. I also used sections of denim from the same pair of jeans to form the back (I had to piece two pieces together to get the length I needed). For stuffing, I took any non-matted fiberfill I could find from an old pillow that I had washed and saved, “carded” it with my fingers, and inserted it into my new pillow. This meant that the pillow pictured above was free except for my thread! All the materials were given a new life and a new purpose. –And my son really liked it, which was all the reward needed for the labor! 🙂

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  1. Astrid Bubble says:

    I’d never imagined the holey t-shirt to still make such a nice centre piece for your cushion. But it looks really nice, well done!

  2. Debbie Sharpe says:

    This is a wonderful idea. It is so hard to find gifts that guys like and appreciate. I will definitely use this idea. Thanks and Happy New Year.

  3. hknisley says:

    What a nice job! The frame around the t-shirt makes all the difference. 🙂

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