As a new year begins, I would like to take a moment to thank all those who followed this blog and left comments last year. My purpose in writing this blog is to share the different ways I have discovered to recycle and re-purpose the many things that come into my home in the hope that others may benefit from my discoveries and ideas as well as myself. Your comments have helped me to clarify some of my writings so that they are more easily understood and given me general encouragement.  I begin this year with my thanks to all of you!

I find that the most difficult part of running this blog is finding time to write about the projects! Today, I am continuing with the gifts that I made for Christmas this past year. The purse to the left was made for one of my nieces. She is about five years old, so I thought the purse would be something fun for her to carry her things in. It is crocheted from plastic shopping bags (a tutorial for doing this can be found here) with handles made from sour cream lids. I made the handles like I did for my bread basket, I just left out the crocheted center.  I attached the handles to the purse on the inside with more plarn and a yarn needle. Though the stitching goes to the outside of the bag and wraps around the crochet stitches, it is not really visible unless you are looking for it. I added the flower and the top-stitching  as decoration and used a scrap of yellow fabric to line the purse. The fabric covers the base of the handles where they are attached to the purse and gives it a polished look. I used leftover fabric from another project for this, but this gift could be made for only the price of some masking tape and thread if the purse is lined with cloth from a cast-off garment.

For those who are interested in making their own purse, I am sorry to say that I did not have an honest pattern. But it is easy to make up your own pattern. I made the above purse by modifying one I had made before. I made the one to the left several years ago and used it during the summer seasons. To make both of them, I crocheted an oval base to the size I desired (my niece’s is smaller) and then crocheted the sides in a spiral using a single crochet stitch. These two have a slightly tapered shape because I added some stitches as I moved up the sides of the purse. On my niece’s, I omitted the accent band that is on mine, so I was able to crochet the sides in a complete spiral to an appropriate height. Experiment a little with some ideas of your own. After all, the materials are free! 🙂

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