In the midst all my company this summer, I was able to quickly make a cover for the handle of my cast iron skillet and a matching hot pad for grasping the “handle” on the opposite side. In my stash of supplies that have been given to me, I found a felted gray wool sweater that looked like it would serve well to protect my hands from burns. It turned out to be one of the simplest projects I have done! I wrapped a section of one sleeve around the handle and pinned the edge where I needed the seam to go.  After removing the sleeve from the handle, I stitched along my pin line, turned the cover right-side-out, and slipped it over the skillet handle. For the matching hot pad, I did nothing more than cut from the sleeve a section large enough for my hand to grasp and sew the open sides together to form a double-layered pad. These have been working so well, I made a matching set for my mother’s skillet from the second sleeve!

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