As our family prepared for guests and celebrations this past month, I came across the soap dish that I had made for my daughter from the bottom of a canola oil container and discovered that she had been resting her soap along the top edge instead of putting it the dish. When I asked her about this, she said that the curve on the bottom of the container made the soap slide into the water that drained to the edges. This led me to flip the piece over. The way that the plastic had been molded would naturally cause the water to flow to the center and collect in a depression while holding the soap above it. This discovery led to an added bonus: The dish could now be painted! Because the inside would now be protected, I had the option of spray-painting the inside to match the room around it. I wrapped a piece of masking tape around the outside edge to protect it from the paint and used a very little bit of paint to cover the inside. Once the paint had dried and the tape had been removed, the soap dish worked better (and blended in better!) than it did before!

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  1. SO CLEVER. I love how you see things!

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