Today I will break things up a bit and demonstrate a craft that is built around two soft plastic lids instead of the hard ones! 🙂 I have long been intrigued by the clear plastic lid on the Pringles chip canister and began looking for something that it could be useful for. I discovered that I could combine it with a few other cast-offs to make the children’s pocket game that requires them to get several small round beads into holes in the background surface. I used an old birthday card as my background piece, but the game could be made around any VBS or party theme image you like. I began with one Lays Stax lid and one of the clear lids from a Pringles chip canister. To this I added a clear straw saved from a restaurant beverage, an old greeting card, and some Air Soft pellets.

Using the clear Pringles lid, I was able to choose what section of the image I wanted to appear as my game background. I traced around the lid with a pencil. I knew this circle was still too large to fit inside the Stax lid,  so I centered a standard vegetable can inside the first traced circle I had made and traced around it to create a smaller circle inside the first one. I cut out the smaller inside circle, cutting through both the front and the back of the card. Once my card circles fit into the Stax lid, I set the back circle (the previous back of the card) aside and turned my attention to the front image.

The next step involved deciding how many holes I wanted in my game and where in the image they should be. Obviously, this would be determined in some measure by the age of the children who will be putting the craft together or playing with the game. In my case, I tend to make my games a little more challenging since my home testers are teens. 🙂 After the holes were punched, I turned the back circle that I had set aside over to its blank side and glued it, with the blank side visible through the holes, to the back of the front circle. Then I glued this to the inside of the Stax lid.

This next instruction is due to the only flaw that I found in the Pringles lid. Because the packages are vacuum-packed, the lid takes on a concave shape, and the dip in the center prevents the beads from rolling. To combat this I cut a section of clear drinking straw to a length of about 5/16 of an inch.  Being careful to center this in the middle of the card circle, I glued this in an upright position and let it dry.  I know that the straw does not look centered in the photo to the right, but it is. I took the photo on an angle so that the straw would be visible in the position I described.

The final step is to add the round object of your choice -beads, BBs, or in my case, Air Soft pellets. 🙂 Some previous occupant of our home played with Air Soft guns and left the little plastic pellets all over the yard. We began picking them up to clean up the yard and discovered that every time it would rain, more would show up! Of course, I looked at them and decided that they should be given new life, so I saved them. They turned out to be perfect for this game!  I even had a choice of colors! After adding the pellets, I put a line a glue around the outside of the Pringles lid and glued it into the Stax lid.  I discovered that if I pushed the Pringles lid down into the Stax lid as far as it would go that it caught my pellets along the sides and did not let them move. If a smaller size bead is used, it may not impact them, but I had to pull the Pringles lid up along the sides just a little so that my pellets could roll smoothly. After all the glue dried, the games worked just like the store-bought ones!


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