A trend that is becoming more popular in sewing circles is to use a product called polyurethane laminated fabric, or PUL. Developed for the medical community, this fabric has a waterproof layer adhered to it which is as flexible as the fabric and can be machine-washed and dried. The fabric is  useful for many applications (cloth diapers being one of the most popular), but sewing on this fabric requires using methods that do not compromise its waterproof qualities. This means being careful in the placement of sewing pins. Some instructions will suggest that you carefully place your pins in the seam allowance for the pattern you are cutting out, but it is actually better if you can use sewing weights to hold the pattern in place while you cut to avoid putting any holes through the plastic coating. In this, necessity is indeed “the mother of invention,” and I was able to find yet another use for hard plastic lids.

Sewing weights can be any size that you like, so there is a great deal of room here for personal taste. I went to my collection of old lids and found sets of lids that slid one inside the other with a fairly snug fit.  Taking the smaller of the two lids, I looked around for something heavy to go inside it. Here again, there is a great deal of flexibility in what can be used. This will depend on availability in some cases and the heaviness of the weight desired in others. Options to weight the lids might include metal washers, rocks and sand, beans or rice, copper BBs, or lead fishing weights. I happened to have some small rocks on hand so I put those in my lids, making sure that the rocks stayed below the top edge. I filled in the gaps between the rocks with a layer of rice and then a layer of salt. Next, I applied a thick layer of glue in each of the larger lids and placed them down over the smaller lids that I had filled. Then I allowed the lids to dry overnight.

The following morning my sewing weights were ready to be used, but I could not bear to leave them plain when it would be so easy to make them into beautiful objects that would grace the eyes while you worked with them! I could have done any number of cosmetic applications here, but I found these pansy stickers that coordinated well with the color of the bottom lids and applied them to the top. Voila -sewing weights with grace and beauty, and ten more lids were given a new life and a new purpose!

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  1. hknisley says:

    Awesome and beautiful!

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