I had to stop crafting for a while to take care of some appointments and deadlines, but I am now able to continue exploring the challenge of plastic lids. I discovered this container by playing around with my collections of hard and soft lids. The lid to the top right in this photo is a hard plastic lid that came from a powdered-beverage container like Tang. The bottom lid is the softer flexible plastic lid from a sour cream container. I was delighted when the two lids would form a nicely sealed container. With a little bit of finger nail polish remover and some scrubbing, the printing came off of the lid and left me with a completely white container. The more that I looked at the container, the more I thought it could be made into something even more. It was the right size for snack foods for toddlers.  That made me wonder if I could turn it into a travel snack container. Back to my stash of lids I went to look for one that would just fit over the top of my new container. I came up with a red one that seemed to have been a cup lid in a former life. I gathered it along with a paper fastener and my craft knife and headed back to my work area. Finding the center mark on the white lid, I made a slit just long enough to accept the paper fastener. I only made a slit in the white lid because I wanted the fastener to remain stationary in that lid. In the red lid, I used a heated ice pick to make a hole on the center mark that was just large enough to allow the lid to spin when the paper fastener was inserted into its center. Then, using my craft knife, I cut out a fan-shaped section of the white lid that was about a third of the lid’s surface inside the outer ring. I made sure to cut around the area where the fastener would go. By stacking the lids as shown in the photo, I was able to see exactly where I needed to make the cuts in the red lid. Making sure that the straw hole on the red lid was within the portion that I wanted to remove, I cut out an identically-sized hole as I had made in the white lid. The final step was to open the fastener to keep both lids together and snap the white lid back into place on the bottom lid. The white lid remains stationary, but the red lid can be rotated around to either block the opening, or reveal it. This allows for snack foods to be given to a small child who wants to hold the food himself, while still giving some measure of protection from spills.

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