Sometimes I am amazed at the things God allows me to discover! As I stated before, numerous people save things for me, so I have access to more packaging than my household actually uses. I was playing around with a group of lids that I had been given when I discovered that detergent lids from products like Tide and Gain have threading on the outside of the lid that perfectly fits with the threading on lids that come off of peanut or bouillon containers! These can be glued or taped together in a tower form just like the juice lids in the former post. Because these containers do have screw-on lids, they are more secure than the pill tower made with slide-on lids. However, these are much bigger containers than the juice lids so I would still prefer to put vitamins in the juice lid tower, but these laundry lid containers are perfect for organizing desk accessories, screws and bolts, craft materials, and a host of other things. If you consistently use the same products, your lids will be a matched set and could be enhanced with printed labels. My containers are rather random in color since they were given to me, but they work wonderfully!

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  1. Lori says:

    Very Creative!! I love to use things that are found around the house for free!!

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