I know that it may seem somewhat behind hand to blog about gift packaging after Christmas is over, but I promised that I would show you what I had been doing during December that I was too busy to blog about. Besides, gift-giving occasions come all through the year and these ideas can be used for more than Christmas.

So many people have taken an interest in my original post on the milk jug gift box that I thought I would share some other ways that I have come up with to make use of it. This year, I used the box to package food gifts to our friends. I lined the box with a small square of tissue paper and added a piece of wax paper on top of that to place the food on.  You want to to this before you bend in the flaps of the container because it is a whole lot easier to get the papers and the goodies into the box that way! Yes, this is the voice of experience! 🙂  After the treats were in the box, I folded the paper in to cover them and then folded all the flaps down into place. To keep the box closed, I used a stretch of ribbon, which I attached on the top of the box. If I have ribbon like this from a gift I have received, I use it for these boxes or for the loaves of bread that I sometimes give instead. Otherwise, I buy this kind of ribbon on clearance and keep it on hand for the next year. The join in the ribbon is covered by the front of a recycled card.

This style of wrap can be tailored to fit the occasion; for instance, change the ribbon and the card on top and this could be appropriate as a thank-you, birthday, or housewarming gift. By wrapping something around the box, like the ribbon above, you eliminate the need for a Velcro closure like I used in my first posting of this gift box.  In this personal version of the “brown paper package tied up with string” I opened up a paper bag from a store and tore a strip from it to wrap around the box. Kitchen twine was used in place of ribbon to form a bow and hold the natural topper in place for a gift with simplistic appeal.  Other things that might work well here are to try corrugated paper, paper from an old map, or an illustration from an old calendar or magazine.

Fabric offers another option. A stretch of lace, strips of old T-shirt, denim, or even scraps from a man’s tie offer numerous choices. The box to the left is covered quickly and simply with a folded bandana. On the box below, I have looped strips of old T-shirt in place around the box and added a T-shirt flower to the top. This one would have looked better in another color, but the brown was what I had on hand and I was just exploring possibilities. Exploration is what I recommend as a way of discovering your own personal twist on these ideas.  All of these options are inexpensive and use mostly recycled materials, so look around your house and experiment with different things until you find a look you like!


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