If you have enjoyed the revival of interest in crocheting and knitting like I have, you have probably seen shawl pins being sold alongside the yarn goods in your favorite craft store or magazine. If you have not seen them, they are generally a flat shape with a hollow center and a straight stick or pin which is used to keep a shawl in place around the shoulders. I looked at a number of these and decided that they could easily be made of up-cycled materials.

Because I wanted the finished pin to be durable and waterproof, I wanted to use something plastic to form the outside shape of the pin. For this, I decided to use a plastic spread container that had a nice-sized section of plastic available for me to cut from. Any plastic container with a stretch of flexible plastic would be fine. Though not terribly original, I went with a simple oval shape because it was easy! 🙂 To give the finished piece strength, I cut two identical ovals from the plastic, but I cut them facing opposite directions (one up, one down) on the stretch of plastic so that the curve of the container would be canceled somewhat when I glued the two pieces together. Then I removed the centers from the two pieces and glued them insides together with a glue designed to be used on plastic.

Now that I had the outside shape, I searched out something to use as the “pin” and came up with a disposable wooden chop stick from a Chinese restaurant.  To make it more decorative, I glued a bead to the top and let it dry.  Then I painted both pieces.

The finished product was not bad for a first effort, though I want to try some other ideas. The only problem that arose with the this design was that the bead on the end of the pin portion wanted to fall off and needed to have been adhered better. This is what the finished pin looked like by itself and when used with a shawl.


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2 Responses to UP-CYCLED SHAWL PIN

  1. lolkin says:


  2. Mickie Newman says:

    You always amaze me!

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