To be completely honest, I am not really even sure what to call the item I have pictured at the left. It is a security seal of some type that is found on milk, half and half, and juices that come in a carton. After you unscrew the lid, this seal must be removed (by pulling the ring) before the product can be used. I assume that most people throw away the ring and seal assembly, but I thought the ring portion would make a good form on which to make jewelry on the same idea as my tote, hanging planter and bread basket. I saved the seals until I had a number on hand and then cut the ring section from the disk. Using only the rings, I used thread crochet to make a small flower design that would fit inside the center of each ring, then used a single crochet stitch to cover the ring, attaching the design as I went along. I could have made the flowers different colors or even added a bead to the centers, but decided on solid cream.  I made two of the rings into earrings and then made a matching bracelet by attaching the rings together at the sides with more of the thread. The bracelet stretches just enough to slide on over my hand, but it has never come off on its own. Both pieces are very light-weight. I barely know that I am wearing jewelry!

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