Recently, I had the opportunity to volunteer my time at a community event where all the volunteers were given bright, highlighter-yellow T-shirts to wear so that we would be easily identified in the crowds. The shirt I was given was a size large and nearly swallowed me when I put it on. I kind of looked like a hang glider! 🙂 I thought about trying to tuck it into my jeans, but the shirt came down to my thighs so there wasn’t any place to tuck that much extra fabric. I looked around for another option and discovered the object seen in the photo on the left. My daughter had purchased a scarf that week and, knowing now not to throw away unusual packaging  materials without running them by me first, she had left the merchandising hook on my dresser. In it, I saw the answer I needed to fix my T-shirt problem. By removing the hook at the top and sanding down the cut edge with a fingernail file, I now had a buckle-shaped object large enough to hold the excess fabric in my T-shirt. It worked beautifully the whole evening. Though I did not paint or cover the “buckle” in any way for my shift as a volunteer, I think it would very easy to further disguise its appearance.

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