I was quite intrigued by the knowledge that plastic cola bottles could be turned into a kind of wire or cording and looked for an opportunity to try it out for myself. It finally came. This technique seemed like a useful  way to make inexpensive costume jewelry with the added bonus that it could be made to match any color needed for a specific outfit. I began by removing the top and bottom portions from a clean, two liter bottle. Then I began to cut a the remaining tube into a thin 1/4″ spiral. I really did not know how long to make the piece that I cut, so I I made it much longer than I anticipated I would need.  I used a permanent marker to color one side of the plastic. Then came the technical part. Holding a blow dryer between my knees, I held the plastic over the stream of hot air and twisted it so that the colored side would be to the inside of the coil. As the plastic heated, it would shrink slightly and the twist would tighten . As soon as a the coil looked like I desired, I moved it away from the heat. It did take some practice to get a uniform looking coil, so it was good that I had started with so much extra plastic. When I had a long enough section of cording that looked uniform, I cut it off from the rest and added jewelry findings to make a choker.  I tried two different ideas for pendants. I made a bead by heating a colored plastic strip around a toothpick and adding it to two small glass beads on a jewelry post. The second idea was to use a paper punch on the plastic, paint the back and attach it with a jump ring.  I also made earrings to match both of the necklaces that I had completed which turned out to be a fun, trendy accent to wear with a T-shirt!

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