Everything in this life will eventually run down, wear out or die, so it is no surprise that the plastic tube on my bird feeder was finally beyond the point of repair. Let me state for the record that I believe the squirrels in my yard are responsible for pushing it to that point! At any rate, it had to be replaced. As it turned out, however, I had just the item needed for the replacement. A guest in my home had left an empty Smart Water container and I saved it because of its size. Even though it was of a slight larger diameter than the original tube, I thought it would serve well as a replacement. I accordingly removed all the metal pieces from my old feeder–the top and hanging piece, plus all the perches. In order to insure that I would cut the same-size hole in the bottle as was in the old feeder, I placed a piece of paper over one of the openings in the old feeder tube and rubbed the side of a pencil over it so that it left a darkened imprint on the paper of the hole beneath. Removing the paper to a cutting surface, I used a craft knife to cut along the imprinted lines. This became the guide that I used to trace the appropriately-sized openings onto the side of the bottle. I used a wood-burning tool to cut out my traced lines. Because the diameter of the bottle was not exactly the same as the tube, the perches had a slight gap between them and the side of the bottle. I filled this with silicone. To attach the lid and hanger, I removed the neck of the bottle, but left some of the curved section of plastic at the top to accommodate the hanger and the lid which were too small to fit the sides of the bottle. I melted two small holes into the curved section to slide the hanger bar through so that the lid would slide down onto a portion of the curve where it would still fit. The final touch was to place a black plastic lid from a peanut container into the bottom of the feeder to keep the food up where the birds could reach it. Because the lid is black, it really cannot be seen when there are seeds in the feeder.

My original feeder had four perches, but I decided to only use two on the remake. I saved the other two, so that when these wear out, I can make another feeder. The birds don’t seem to mind at all! They use the “new” feeder just as they did the old one. If you don’t look at it too closely, you might not guess that it is really an old water bottle!

I began this post by stating that everything in this life is wearing out, or running down. The Bible declares however that there is something that is permanent; something that will never wear out, rust, fade, pass away, or decay -the Word of the Lord. In three different verses (Matt. 24:35, Mark 13:31, & Luke 21:33), Christ is quoted as saying, “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.” I take comfort in the truth that none of His promises will go unfulfilled; none of the character traits that He has revealed to us will ever prove untrue. Praise God for the unchangeable nature of His Word!


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