For some reason, as our laptop computer has continued to age, it has had a tendency to overheat. The fan that cools it off is on the bottom and seemingly struggles to get enough air flow. To combat this and allow for more circulation, I used four black soda bottle tops, some leftover foam packaging, some glue, and some adhesive Velcro dots to add discreet removable “legs” to our laptop. I used the foam packaging piece to fill in the space inside each of the soda caps. I glued these into place with glue designed to work on plastic. Then I stuck the adhesive loop dots to existing “feet” of the laptop. The corresponding hook side of the dots I stuck to the top of the foam in each of the soda lids. This allows the feet to be added for use on a table top and removed as needed for storage. Because the lids are black, they do not call attention to themselves, yet they are tall enough to allow for the needed air flow.


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