I finally have time to write about my second attempt to make a water bottle holder! I was still trying to find a way to make a water bottle holder that did not require special skills to produce. This time, instead of crocheting, I found some items that were tucked away in the corners of my house: a can cozy, the strap from a broken camera, and two soda can tabs.  Can cozies tend to be a rather common item here in the United States. (This one was given to us as advertising for a State Farm agent. ) The camera strap makes a good water bottle strap, but obviously, not everyone will have one of those available to use. Any number of substitutions could be used here, from old, thin belts to braided yarn or string. I will tell you how I put mine together with the supplies I have pictured.

The first thing that I did was to remove the letters from my camera strap. I suppose that this was not completely necessary, but I always like to have my creations blend in and not scream, “I’m recycled” if it is at all possible. The letters on this one were not printed or woven into the fabric of the strap, but were adhered to it. So I picked at the letters until they came off. This gave me a plain black nylon strap with all the hardware needed to adjust its length to fit the heights of different users.

Now the next step is like the last one in that it is done to improve the look of the finished produce and not its functioning. If my husband was a State Farm agent, I might have left the advertising on the cozy, but as he is not, I used a rectangular scrap of fabric, stiffened with some interfacing, to cover the lettering. I simply sewed the fabric in place.

To attach the strap, the easiest expedient seemed to be the aluminum tabs from cola cans. To prepare these, I used my pliers to remove the sharp edge from the end that was attached to the can. This can be achieved by bending the sharp edge to the back and wrapping it around the outside curve of the tab. Then  I used upholstery thread to attach the tab to the cozy.  The final step was to thread the ends of the camera strap through the tabs and tighten them into place.

Even though this design does work, it was still not what I wanted to achieve, which was a way to make a water bottle holder that anyone could make.  This one still required things that not everyone would have on hand. So I tried yet a third method and finally achieved something that I think fits the requirements. More on that next time!

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