Last summer, my family had the privilege of having my brother and his family come home from the mission field for a visit. We took them on a short hike to a waterfall in our area, and trained to take their own water with them whenever they leave home, my young nieces all asked to have a bottle of water to take with them. As we walked along the trail, I was somewhat bemused to watch as one by one, they brought their bottles to their mother to carry. Absorbed in our conversation, she absentmindedly took them until the third one presented her with the problem of not having enough hands! Then they were all called back to carry their own bottles again, but the incident did remind me of similar moments when my own children were small. I decided that there must be a simple (and free!) way to provide water bottle holders for family trips.

My first idea was to simply crochet some water bottle holders out of plarn. It would be free and waterproof.  I cut up my plastic shopping bags and made a ball of plarn, and then I began to experiment.  If you know how to crochet, making a water bottle holder is not difficult at all. Essentially, I crocheted a circle just slightly larger than the diameter of the water bottle and then stopped increasing and began the sides. Once the sides were tall enough to support the bottle, I crocheted a handle. The nice thing about this method of creating a water bottle holder is that no two need be alike! I used different stitches, colors and styles on both of the examples seen here. (Thanks, Pat, for modeling!) In the photo at the top, I was going wild with color and stitches and even incorporated cola bottle rings into the design. I also crocheted the holder and strap as a single unit. In my second effort, I was trying for a faster design so I used a large open lattice-style stitch which did speed up production time. I also attached the handle as a separate piece, using pop tabs from food cans as the hardware so that the holder would be able to bend easier.

Both of these holders worked very well, but since most people do not know how to crochet, I continued looking for other inexpensive ways to make them. More on my efforts still to come…

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