Not too long ago, I found this dress in some items that had been given to me. It was out-of-date and had the complications of a dry-clean-only label, but the skirt was 100% polyester, so I knew that it could be washed and dried in my washing machine. A machine-washable skirt in a nice print that was lined and already hemmed?! I decided to see if I could separate the skirt from the rest of the dress. DSCF6788 The biggest complication that I had to work around was that the zipper extended into the skirt section. That was not a major problem since I would want to save the zipper in any event. I removed it and the buttons on the front and cut the skirt free from the rest of the dress. I left a fairly substantial margin of the original lining above the skirt because I wanted to make an over-sized casing to accept a strip of elastic for the new waist and lengthen the overall length of the skirt.  I finished the seam in the back where the zipper had been and then turned the lining down for the casing. Due to the way the original dress had been sewn, there was no real way for me to turn down a casing without having some exposed seams show on the outside of the casing. For those of you who are true seamstresses at heart, this is making you cringe, I know! No, the result was not very pretty, but I plan to cover it up with a blouse, so no one will have to look at the waistband! Fortunately, I already have a blouse on hand to wear with my new skirt. All I need now is some warmer weather so that I can wear it!

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