In spite of the advance of technology which allows us to send electronic messages and use an electronic appointment calendar, greeting cards and wall calendars are still popular. There is just something special about getting a pretty card that can be viewed without being turned on or plugged in! In addition to its visual appeal, it impacts our senses with its smell and feel, and the handwritten signature of the sender is so much more personal than the an electronic font. The problem with the cards and calendars is that they are so beautiful that you hate to throw them away!  I have begun turning mine into small tokens to give away as party favors and gifts.

The easiest thing to make out of these materials is bookmarks. Even though many people love their ebooks, others still love the look, feel and smell of a regular book. If you have individuals of your acquaintance who feel this way, a recycled card bookmark is a lovely way to spread some joy! There are numerous styles that can be used from the standard tasselled bookmark style to folded magnetic ones or even corner shaped ones that simply slip over the top corner of the page. I like the magnetic ones because they hold onto the page and don’t slip out of the book. I was excited when magnet tape was introduced into the market since it makes this project so simple!

frig framesAnother thing that I enjoyed doing with the cards and magnet tape was to make refrigerator frames. I cut the card or calendar page down to the size I want, cut a window in the front piece, glue the remaining side and bottom edges together and add some magnet tape to the back. I can then add other embellishments to the front; like bows, lace or flowers. For the pink card in the upper portion of the picture at right, I just happened to have a ribbon flower that looked just like the printed flowers on the face of the card, so I offset the window cutout and added the flower for visual interest. Some cards come with the window already cut out for you!  These frames are also not limited to the refrigerator.  Use them as a mat in another frame, or with an easel to display special quotes or messages. Small ones can even be used at the table as place cards holders so your guests know where to sit.

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