One of the joys of having a pet is the opportunity to play with it!  Having a new kitten in the house meant that we needed to give it safe things to play with that would also allow us to interact with it. But the price of pet toys is out of control! I looked at what was being offered and decided that I could make my own. The fish to the left is super easy and is our kitten’s favorite toy! I took a scrap of old felted gray sweater (the scraps from my wool sweater throw) and cut two simple fish shapes. Then I looked in my collection of ribbon scraps and selected three for the tail section and one to form a loop on the front of the fish. I used a candle to fuse the ends of the ribbons and tied knots into the ends of the tail ribbons. Leaving the tail section open, I sewed all the way around the fish, making sure to catch and reinforce the stitching on the gray loop at the fish’s mouth. Then I added a bit of stuffing from an old pillow and a little catnip to the center of the fish. The final step was to firmly stitch the tail ribbons in place and add some stitched “eyes.” The loop on the front of the fish allows us to tie a string to the it when we want to play with our cat and remove it when she is playing alone. The best part is that the fish only cost me the price of my thread and a little catnip!

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One Response to UP-CYCLED CAT TOY

  1. Anonymous says:

    My kitties love their fish! Thank You!,

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