My daughter recently got this shrug-style sweater second-hand and was delighted with it. She even already had a necklace that she wanted to wear with it! However, when she put it on, she decided that she wanted to have the front stay closed. She tried just pinning it together with a safety-pin, but that really detracted from the look of the outfit. So I tried a different plan. I used a long safety-pin and an old button with a shank (I save them from our old clothes and use them again). By pushing the pin from the back of the fabric to the front, going through the shank of the button, and returning through the fabric to the back again, I was able to make it appear that there was a button attachment on the garment without making the button a permanent addition. I was even able to find a button that was nearly the same color as the beads in the necklace that she had chosen! It would be very easy to change the shank button out for a different size or color to accent different outfits.

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  1. Pat Veretto says:

    Very creative! I can think of several other applications for this.

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