As I mentioned in the article I originally wrote on making and using the loom, I did have a little bit of yarn left over that I thought would be enough to make another baby hat. I could have made another hat like the ones that I had already made, but I wanted to try a new design; one that made a sort of pillbox hat with a woven top. I wanted to see if my loom would hold up if I used it differently than the standard knitting. I was very pleased with the effort. Using two strands of yarn together to load the warp threads, I cut and secured the ends, then reattached the yarn to weave in the weft strands. The loom became a little mis-shapen  by the tension on the yarn, but it did not seem to be a problem, so I kept going. I used a standard knit stitch (not an e-wrap) to knit up the sides. I used up all the leftover yarn that I had to make the sides and form a roll-style brim. Then I removed the hat from the loom and finished off all the loose yarn ends. I added the flower to the side just to add some flair. It turned out to be a very cute pillbox hat for a newborn, but I discovered that this design could be more than just a hat! When I turned it over, it was just the right size to cover an empty sour cream container. This allows it to be a wonderful cover for containers being used as desk caddies, catch-alls, gifts, or to hold small potted plants. Change the decoration on the side or leave it plain to suit the purpose and surroundings.

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