After I had made the can rotator in the previous posting, I tried another style that would rotate the cans in my kitchen cabinet. The first style is wonderful for the pantry or any place that you store a large quantity of the same kind of canned food. However, I wanted to have a smaller version in my cabinet that would allow me to keep fewer cans, but a greater variety. The picture to the left shows my result. Inside, there are six different types of vegetables on two separate levels. It looks like there are three columns of four cans each, but in reality, each compartment of the very top row and third row only communicates with the opening directly beneath it.  This means that I load cans on the first and third rows (from the top) and remove cans from the second and fourth. Each compartment has one very gently sloping top shelf and a small ramp in the back of the lower level to keep up to seven cans moving toward the front. I used the same kind of construction as before with shelves that slide through the sides and can be removed. Because I did not have much space, I could not allow for the cardboard stop that I put on the previous unit. In order to prevent the cans from rolling right out onto the floor, I put a bamboo skewer through the cardboard at the bottom front of each compartment. Though it is a tight squeeze, I can still get the cans out and the skewer is sufficient to keep them in place. This unit rotates forty-seven cans through a space 13 1/2″h x 16″w x 11 3/4″ d.

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