Some time ago, I purchased a telescoping Swiffer duster so that I could dust the ceiling fans and baseboards in my home without standing on a chair or stooping over. The telescoping handle is wonderful, but I really wanted to come up with a homemade duster refill. After studying the design of the original manufactured duster, I decided to try used dryer sheets and matted fiberfill from an old pillow. To make the base, I centered the handle on three or four dryer sheets and marked the outside edges as shown in the photo. Then I stitched along these two lines with my sewing machine. Next, I peeled a layer of matted fiberfill from an old pillow I had recycled and cut two pieces that were the same size as my base. I placed one of these pieces on top of the base,  layered several more dryer sheets on top, then added the second layer of fiberfill and a second layer of dryer sheets. I united the whole thing together with a single line of stitching down the center, going between my previous two seams. This new seam, along with the first two, created the two pockets needed for the prongs on the handle to slide into. I was almost finished! The final step was to take my pinking sheers and make cuts through the fiberfill and the dryer sheets (perpendicular to the center seam) to create the dusting “fingers” that are on the manufactured duster. With the exception that I needed to trim a little of the length off the end, this worked wonderfully! I was completely delighted with it! If I save my used dryer sheets for a while, I could easily put several of these together at a time since it only requires me to sew three seams for each one. Best of all, the dusters are not really costing me anything but the price of some thread! Everything else was headed to the trash; it just took a useful little detour before it got there.

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