I have a daughter who happens to love bars of soap made from all-natural ingredients. When she brought some home the other day, she needed to have a soap dish to put it in. Since most of our soap is in liquid form, I discovered that I did not really have any soap dishes on hand. I began to look around to see what I had that would be rectangular in shape and still provide some way to keep the soap up out of the water. That’s when I spied the canola oil bottle. I was near the bottom of the bottle I was using, so I emptied the rest of the oil into another container and washed the bottle out. I cut the lower portion off and saw with satisfaction that the bottom of the bottle had a concave section. This was perfect for keeping the soap out of the water that would drain off of the bar. To make this even better, the bottle I had been using had a decorative edge, so it worked really well to disguise its origin. I trimmed the top off as even as I could and gave the new dish to my daughter. It blends in with its surroundings fairly well to just be the bottom of a canola bottle!

There is an update for this post.



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