Last month was very full of activity and company for my family, so I was not able to get much done in the crafting realm. However, I made this utensil caddy earlier this spring. It is made entirely of “trash”! The three cups are actually empty icing containers which I covered with crocheted plastic shopping bags. I did not think to take pictures of this project while I was putting it together, but it is pretty straightforward. The only thing that pictures would really have been helpful for was to show how I reinforced the top of the crocheted section so that it would bear the weight of the caddy when you pick it up.  First, I made rings by removing the center section of the lids from each icing container, leaving a good quarter-inch around the outside edge. This gave me a lid that would slide up over the bottom of the container (without the plastic bag casing) and sit under its lip. To make these rings sturdier, I packed scraps of plastic shopping bags into the groove on each underside and wrapped the scraps tightly in place with masking tape. This was similar to the way I prepared my lids for my bread basket except that I was only using one lid instead of two. When I reached the last row of crochet at the top of each plastic “sleeve,” I single crocheted over a ring to attach it to the top.  I inserted the icing containers and joined the three pieces together with more strips of plastic bag. The final step was to add a crocheted handle in the center.

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