When I made my lap desk, I used Styrofoam cups as the filler since they are plentiful and they comprise a large portion of the trash that goes into the landfill. But I could also have used polystyrene packing peanuts. When my daughter’s bean bag chair began to flatten out, we did not immediately purchase refill packs of the polystyrene balls. Instead, we turned to packing peanuts. By rolling three or four of them at a time between our palms (we put our hands into a pillow case to minimize the mess!), we were able to break the packing peanuts down into smaller pieces that were about the same size as the balls that came from the factory. When the pillowcase was full, we tucked the opening into the bean bag chair and dumped the shredded peanuts directly into it. Since the packing peanuts were free, we gave new life to the chair without additional expense!

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