Not too long ago, my husband’s aunt gave me a stack of small white plastic bowls that she had saved from microwaveable minute rice packages. I immediately thought how much they looked like small starter pots for plants. Since I have an aloe plant that routinely produces new plants, these little bowls looked like an economical and attractive way to present the new plants as gifts. I like to give aloe plants because they are good to keep in the kitchen and use on minor burns, but cuttings from other plants also make excellent teacher gifts, hostess gifts, or even small thank-you gifts. These bowls can be painted the color of your choice and decorated as little or as much as you like. This photo shows two of these minute rice bowls, one with a small lid under it that is being used as a plant saucer (my daughter is rooting an African violet). The one with the aloe plant in it is actually painted a tan color, but it is a little difficult to see the color in this photo.

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One Response to MINUTE GIFTS

  1. Erika says:

    What is it about white planters? They seem to accentuate the green of the plants. What a lovely idea. I’ve been gifting some little Spider plant shoots, I wish I had a bunch of those containers. I’ll have to start seeking some out.

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