Recently, I was faced with the challenge of putting together a floral arrangement without having any real funding for the project. So I decided to rework a silk arrangement that I already had on hand. I had been given this arrangement several years ago at a friend’s wedding, and the flowers were still in excellent condition. The only thing that I lacked was a suitable container. The original arrangement had been in a large basket to complement the rustic, outdoorsy feel of the wedding it was made for, but I needed it to look a little more refined for its new setting. I looked around and found an empty coffee container that looked promising; I just had to find a way to cover it. I thought about painting it, but that would not disguise the classic can indentations on its sides. Further searching led me to a piece of wallpaper sample that I had saved that look like it had the right colors to blend into the setting I needed the arrangement for. What was even more wonderful, it was just large enough to go all the way around the can! All I had to do was find a way to fill in the thin distance between the surface of the can and the rims on either end. A scrap piece of posterboard easily met this need, so I cut it to fit snugly between the two rims, wrapped it around the can, and taped it into place with some packing tape. Then I trimmed the wallpaper sample to size, sprayed the back with spray adhesive, and covered over the posterboard. I sprayed the final result with a light coat of sealer to help protect it and give it some shine. The final step was to arrange the flowers in their new container. The container is not stunning, but is sufficient to meet the need and is not likely to be recognized as trash!

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