At some point in the not-too-distant past, I took one of my children to the doctor’s office due to illness. The child was feeling queasy so one of the staff members gave us the bag shown at left. As it turned out, the bag was not needed, but, of course, the office did not want it back, so we took it home. When I got to looking at it, I thought it would be a wonderful thing to have on hand in the car for those times when someone was struck with a bout of car sickness. I also realized how easy it would be to make something similar out of recycled materials. All that would be required would be a disposable plastic container with a lid and some plastic bags.  Leaving two inches below the top rim, I removed the bottom of the container and the center of the lid and set them aside for other purposes. I used a large vegetable spread container, which was larger in diameter than the mouth of the bag from the doctor’s office, so a smaller container would work as well. Using a doubled layer of produce bags(any bag without holes in the bottom that will fit your container are fine), I inserted the bags through the ring of the container, opened them up, folded their tops back over the rim of the container, and snapped the lid ring down over the bags to hold them in place. The result is shown at left. This gives the user some way of keeping the bag in an open position in the moving car. After use, simply remove and knot the bag and toss it into the next available trashcan. An extra bonus is that this design is compact and easily tucked into a pocket or drawer of the car, even with extra bags. I wish that I had had this idea back when my children were really small!

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