I have tried for some time to find the best method of storing food in my freezer. I did not like the idea of buying and tossing out so many plastic bags, so I bought plastic containers that could be reused. Those had their merits, but if a frozen container fell out onto the floor when I opened the freezer door, it almost always broke, and I would have to buy another. The containers also took up more space in my freezer than the bags would have done. Then I looked at the bags that my frozen food came in. These bags were of a much thicker plastic than the bags that I could purchase, and many of them had resealable tops! They also had a pleated bottom which allowed for them to hold a large quantity of food. And here I had been throwing them away!

I began saving the resealable bags, washing them, and reusing them for things headed into my freezer. The only problem here was that it became increasingly difficult to know which bags were labeled correctly and which ones were being re-purposed. My solution to this problem was to buy a roll of white contact paper and cover just the front of the bag with it. Then I cut a rectangular piece of clear plastic (it can be a stiff or flexible piece from leftover packaging) to serve as a window for a label. I adhered it to the fronts of the bags with some packing tape. Then I cut a stack of rectangles from some scrap paper (junk mail is wonderful for this) to be on hand for writing the content and date when food is stored in the bag. By saving the bags until I have a group of them and doing the work all at one time, I can have a number of reusable bags in an hour or so.

This also works well for the butter tub or ice cream container that you like to store food in. I covered this container because my children were tired of thinking there was ice cream in the house only to discover that I was gathering the ingredients for a new pot of soup!

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