The Rev it Up VBS craft book for Regular Baptist Press has an option for place mats that go along with the theme and are easy for younger children to make. The book calls for the wider construction paper in three colors: black, white, and yellow. The idea is to have the children weave the white strips in and out of the black strips to create a checkerboard flag look and then top it off with a trophy shape in yellow. The only problem that I had was that I could not get only those three colors of construction paper in that size. I could only find the pad of construction paper which would give me enough for a about six students –for nearly seven dollars! I decided to fuse plastic bags together to make the colors I needed and cut the pieces from the plastic. The yellow came from Dollar General bags, the white from a combination of large shopping bags and trash liners, and the black from the huge black trash liners (not many stores have black shopping bags!). I cut a 21 x 12 inch rectangle from the black plastic and made slits along its length that were two inches a part, but only 18 inches long. I left an inch and a half on each end to hold the strips in place while the children weave the white strips through them. Once the kids had the white strips in place, I put a piece of packing tape across the back to hold them in place. Then, they used stick glue to glue the trophy down on the front of the mat and the theme verse which I had printed onto transparency film. I cut off the excess plastic and covered the mats in contact paper later. Contact paper does not want to stick to the plastic, so I cut the paper long enough to have the edges flip to the back and used packing tape to adhere it in place. This is the finished place mat.

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