This is another of the craft ideas that I put together for our VBS program. It uses empty cereal boxes, a paint stirrer, and some old magazine pages. The idea is to spray-paint the blank inside of the boxes white and cut out a simple fan shape. (I cut a second shape from poster board to be the back of our fans, but if you have enough cereal boxes, the back can be cut from them as well.) The fan is decorated by cutting small squares from colorful magazine pages and using them to make a mosaic on the surface of the fan. The difficulty of this craft more or less depends on the intricacy of the design to be filled in. In the photo to the right, the trophy on the checkered flag was much more difficult than the fish, which was formed with larger squares. The kids can use stick glue to glue the pieces to the front of the fan and then use decoupage glue to seal over the top. I used spray adhesive to connect all the pieces together although if two cereal boxes are used, a heavier glue may be needed.

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