It seems like every VBS craft book will include some kind of trinket box for the kids to put together. Since our theme this year centered around car racing, I modified my plastic lid gift box to be a “spare tire” trinket box. Operating on the idea that the racing teams are always ready with all kinds of spare parts for their cars, I designed this tire-shaped box to hold all the spare things that a student might need at school.

To being with, I needed to have an number of lids; two of the same size for every child doing the craft. I had already saved quite a few, and I listed these in the church bulletin for the church members to save for me. Of course, not all the lids were black, so I used a spray paint formulated for plastic to spray them all black. Instead of using cardboard for the center ring (seen here in white), I used plastic strips cut from an empty bleach or vinegar bottle. The craft will require that the students form this collar, tape it into shape and then glue it into the bottom lid. Then they will cut out and decoupage both a tire image for the top of the lid and a verse for the inside. Even though the Bible lessons for the week do not include this verse, I thought that 1 Peter 3:15b was appropriate and an easy tie-in to talk about while doing this craft since it talks of being ready to tell others of the security that we enjoy in Christ Jesus. The finished trinket box is surprisingly realistic looking. The ridges on the sides of the lids even resemble tire treads.

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