Like my posting on the plastic ring bracelets, this belt is made by wrapping plastic rings in crochet thread. Instead of using large rings, I used the rings from milk jugs and soda bottles. The soda bottle rings fit nicely inside the larger milk rings. I attached the wrapped rings together with four long pieces of crochet thread which I knotted after each ring was added. I also threaded on a bead to go in the center of each set of rings as I progressed through the belt. In order to make the ending ties thicker, I wrapped an additional doubled length of crochet thread around the final ring. I cut off the uneven ends and knotted the bottom of each set of threads to keep them together. Even though I had measured the length that I wanted the belt to be before I started, I discovered that using all the rings that I had prepared made the belt a little large, so I un-knotted and removed them. I suppose this might be due to some give in the rings although the tension should be on the threads uniting the whole thing through the center. This un-knotting process was rather tedious, so if you decide to make a belt like this, I recommend trying it on when you get closer to the end so that you will not have to go through it! However, my daughter is delighted with the finished belt. For what it is, it does a nice job of accenting this skirt and blouse.

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