I have used the outside rings on plastic lids in my shopping bag and plastic lid tote and in my hanging plant holder , but finding things to do with the inside portion of the lid is more of a challenge. Depending on the type of the lid, I have sometimes used them as a separator between things that I was going to put into the freezer, but yesterday I saw an easy idea for a portion of them. While I was at a local sewing store, I saw a package of small plastic items that were designed to aid in threading elastic through garment casings. The second I looked at them, I knew that they could easily be made for nothing! All that is required is the inside of a plastic lid, a craft knife, and a pair of utility scissors. Using the scissors, cut a long triangle that has a rounded top point and is slightly wider at the base than the width of the elastic that you want to use. Then take the craft knife and cut two slits in the base of the plastic that are the width of your elastic (as shown in the photo on the right). The threader is essentially done. To use it, simply thread the elastic down through the top slit and back though the bottom one. See the photo if you need clarification. This locks the elastic in place and allows it to be pulled though the fabric. It also helps to keep the elastic from becoming twisted in the casing. If you want the threader to be stiffer, cut two threaders of equal size and use them together. These are so small, they make and helpful addition to my recycled plastic lid sewing kit.

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