The plastic rings that remain around the lids of such products as mayonnaise, Great Value applesauce, and Planters peanuts are the right size to be bangle-style bracelets for people with small hands, particularly preteens, although I can manage to get them on and off if I want to. They are very simple to transform; they just need to be covered. Although I am sure that there are other materials that could be used to achieve this, I found crochet thread to be a quick and easy solution. I began by cutting a long piece of crochet thread (about five or six yards) and putting the thread in the groove on the back of the ring. Then I wrapped the thread around and through the the ring until I had covered it. I was able to make thicker bracelets by stacking two or more together in my hand and weaving the thread back and forth through the stack. Leave them plain or trim them out with beads or even contrasting thread and they become rather attractive. In addition to being very lightweight, they are also the quietest bracelets I have ever worn! This would be a very easy and inexpensive craft for an older girl’s group.

A word of caution; these rings and others like them that come from milk, soda, and juice containers have been known to get caught around the necks and limbs of creatures in the wild that come into contact with our trash. If you do not plan to craft with these rings, please take the time to cut through them before you throw them away.

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