Since we try to take our meals with us when we travel for an extended stay, it is very helpful to be able to store unused portions of canned foods in their cans. While not generally a good practice, it is often very difficult to find plastic containers in a state park cottage so if there is not room in the car to bring some, storing food in it’s can is an O.K. short term solution. As you pack the different cans you will be taking, attach a plastic lid that fits onto the can so they ride together. Ever since I have been working with recycling, I have been given all kinds of things, including lids, so I don’t always know what product the lid came from. I simply test the different sizes until I find one that fits the can I want. In these photos I show some of the lids that I have found to fit different can sizes. The first photo shows lids with “Hill’s” on the top which perfectly fit the standard vegetable can. I believe it is a pet food company.  In the photo on the right, Crystal Light lids fit soup and mushroom cans, and the third photo Blue Diamond almond lids fit on a standard tuna can (which incidentally is also the size for some cat food cans). I also found a lid to fit Great Value canned chicken, but it is solid yellow so I have no idea where it came from!

In addition to packing lids for my canned goods, I also pack a few lids that I know fit the plastic containers that come with some of the convenience foods that we do purchase as simple vacation treats, such as ice cream. The down side to some of these containers is that they either do not come with a lid or that the lid is made of a very thin plastic which splits and cracks when you take it off. This is easily handled by packing a few specific plastic lids in with my kitchen supplies. Since they are flat, they do not take up the same amount of space that packing a number of different containers would. If you tend to go to the same chains and eat the same things when you are on the road, take some of the containers home with you and try some different-sized plastic lids. I discovered that a Lays Stax lids fit McDonald’s ice cream sundae cups, a Great Value whipped topping lid fits a Chick-fil-A soup bowl, a small green lid (I can’t remember from what!) fit the top of the DQ small sundae, and a small 8oz sour cream lid fit the Dole fruit cupwithout me needing to trim it down as I did for the Pringles lids. These containers come in very handy for packing picnic lunches or snacks to hand out in the car and can be dropped into the recycle bin when you return home.

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