Up till now, I have mentioned cereal bags only in passing. I am referring to the plastic bag that holds the cereal inside the boxes that you purchase at the store. The plastic on these bags is a wonderful resource! My mother-in-law first brought this to my attention. She opened the bags up and used them as a protective covering for the counter top when she was rolling out biscuits. When she was finished making biscuits, she could simply throw away the bag, and the counter was clean. I have saved them from that time on and used them for many different tasks. This plastic is stronger than wax paper, which makes it wonderful for things like art projects where it is important to protect the surface under it. They are also very good for food storage. The pictures on this page demonstrate what I mean. I took two bags and washed them. I opened one of them up and cut it into squares which I used to layer between some pancakes I wanted to store in the freezer. After I had squares between each one, I put the whole stack into the second bag, rolled down the top, and taped it closed with masking tape. This works well for the freezer because off the thickness of the plastic. This idea is especially good for trips out-of-town. We like to take our food with us rather than rely on fast food chains. Freezing pancakes like this means that they will stay fresh in the ice chest on the journey, and the cereal bag protects it from the water melting off the ice.

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