Though I have already demonstrated how to make a very small sewing kit with an empty dental floss container, its design was limited to “emergency” situations. This sewing kit, made from two 40 oz peanut butter container lids, is somewhat bigger. It is the right size to send along with a college student who is living in a dorm room or maybe even a young person heading to camp for the summer. As you can see, I made the basic box just like I did the gift boxes and decorated the outside with spare buttons and ribbon. To make the ribbon cover the “seam” of the two lids without getting caught every time that the lid was closed, I first glued a piece of cardboard to the upper lid and then glued the ribbon over it. The bow covers the spot where the ribbon overlaps.

The inside of this box is roomy enough to hold a tape measure, a needle threader, two small spools of thread, a container of buttons, a container for pins and needles, a thimble, a pin cushion, a seam ripper, and a small pair of scissors. Several of these items are also recycled. The container for the buttons is made from two soda bottle lids, joined in the same manner as the larger box and decorated with a scrap of lace and a ribbon rose. The pin cushion is yet another soda bottle lid, stuffed with dryer lint and covered with a small circle of fabric. Even the pins were salvaged from the packaging of men’s dress shirts! The needle case is actually a spent Chapstick tube. By carefully sliding a table knife between the dial and the tube, I was able to separate the dial from the tube along with the central inner post. I clipped off the post, glued the dial back onto the bottom, and cleaned the inside of the tube. This left me with a lovely container for needles and safety pins. After removing the label, I decorated it with a small bit of lace and ribbon.

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  1. Judy Joiner says:

    I have used a pencil lead refill package for needles. Thanks for all your posts, I have enjoyed reading them.

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