Since I do not have to pack lunches for myself or my children, I do not generally purchase pre-packaged foods. However, I did find it useful to purchase some Dole fruit cups the last time we had to go out of town. The tops of the cups were covered with foil, which we discarded, but I saved the plastic cups. I really did not have an idea of something that I wanted to make with them, but they looked like they might have promise in a future project, so I tucked them away.

I came across the cups today while I was looking for something similar in shape, and I wondered if any of the plastic lids I had saved from other products would be the right size to fit them. To my great delight, the clear plastic lids from Pringles containers were only slightly too small. Using utility scissors I trimmed off just a sliver of the plastic all the way around the edge of the cup and sanded the cut with sandpaper to remove any rough edges. This allowed the lid to fit very nicely! While not liquid tight, these are perfect for snacks and finger foods that you would take in the car or add to a backpack or lunch box.

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