I don’t think that I have ever bothered to write about a project that flopped before. This posting may not entirely fit that description either, because I really wasn’t making anything particular, but it comes pretty close. While I was looking for different uses for dryer lint, I came across some recipes which were supposed to produce a product similar to paper mache. The first one called for three cups of packed lint, two cups of water, one cup of flour, and a couple drops of vegetable oil. This mixture was to be cooked over low heat until soft peaks formed and it stuck together. Then it was turned out onto wax paper (I used the plastic bag from an empty box of cereal) to cool enough to be handled. I made only half of the recipe since I did not have a purpose already in mind and only wanted to find out the qualities of this medium. The feel of the “clay”was different, but my children did complain about the odor. Since I needed a simple design to test it on, I traced the outline of an easel and tried to form the lint “clay” into that shape. I did not know what else to try, so I rolled the rest of it out flat to see if it would remain flat while it dried.

Drying took a couple of days. On the afternoon of the second day, I took it out into the yard to dry in the sun. This sped the process up considerably! It may also have caused the “clay” to curl as it dried since it dried more quickly on one side than it did on the other. In the end, I was left with a very uneven, but very hard “sheet” of dryer lint and two somewhat shriveled-looking easel forms. I cannot say that I am all that impressed with this substance. I cannot think of anything that I would use it for since I can come up with a better option for every application I can think of.

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