When I finished the furniture blanket posting, I was left with one more piece of the composite material and a remnant of the white foam pictured at left. At the time, I had no real plans for either of these items, but a need presented itself before I had really had opportunity to store the extra items in the attic. My son has an interest in tinkering around with motors and engines and has been building a go-kart. He started with a donated frame and has been saving his money and buying parts as he could. It has been a great learning experience in many areas! He is finally close to getting it completed and taking his first ride. In an effort to save some money, he asked if I could make some cushions for the seat (seen at right) rather than his having to purchase them. Of course, I told him I would do my best, and I began to check my stash of fabric to see what was available. I thought of the remnant of white foam left over from the mattress and wondered if it would work. An investigation of the foam revealed that even though it was not particularly soft, it had a double-wall construction that would absorb some of the shock of the bumps and jolts and would provide some protection for the riders. I cut one layer of the foam for the back of the bench and two layers for the seat. Then I found a piece of sturdy black fabric that I had picked up in a remnant shop years ago and covered the pads. The back pad was easy to attach since I could fashion a pocket of fabric to slide down over the back of the seat. But the bottom pad could not cover the bottom bars where the holes to attach it to the frame were located. I ended up using adhesive-backed hook-and-loop strips to stick it in place. This seemed to do the trick. The weight of a rider would tend to lock the fasteners together even  more to keep the pad from sliding around. The final result of my efforts looks nice and will do the job. And the best part is that it gave new life to something destined for the trash and saved my son some money!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE these pads!! I just tried my go-kart out yesterday and I am VERY glad now that Dad and Mom got a new bed (My go kart has no shocks). Without the pads, you would be sitting on metal… not very comfortable! These pads make the ride MUCH more enjoyable! Thanks Mom!

  2. "Snow" White says:

    Glad that you like them, Son!

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