After I finished making the floor pallet, I surveyed the remaining items that I had salvaged from my old mattress to see what new ideas would come to me. I thought at first that there were only two pieces of the composite material, but there must have been three since I had used one on the pallet and I still had two left. Because my old mattress had been one of those that only had a sleeping surface on one side (it could not be flipped), I also had two pieces of very durable fabric of the same size as the composite material and the remnants of the piece of white foam. By sandwiching a piece of the composite material between the two pieces of fabric, I discovered I could make a sort of furniture blanket. These blankets are useful as a pad to protect furniture and large objects from bumping and rubbing against other things while being moved to a new location. They can also be used to protect the surface of the floor while you are sliding a heavy object or even used as dust cover for something in storage.

The first problem that I had to overcome was how to keep the fabric adhered to the center sections of the composite material. Since I did not want to go through the work to quilt the pieces together, my next option was to glue them together. Using a spray adhesive, I sprayed only the center section of the composite material, then laid the fabric on top, and pressed out the wrinkles. I did the same for the reverse side. All that remained was to determine which method would be best for binding the edges. I finally threaded an upholstery needle with a double strand of size ten crochet thread and hand-stitched around the edges with a blanket stitch. I was not real particular concerning the appearance of my stitching on this. The value of this project lies in its usefulness and not in its beauty! The stitching took quite some time. Like I did with the floor pallet, I worked on it in between my other chores until I had gone all the way around. In the end, I had a thick, multi-use blanket which would have ended up in the land fill had I not taken a little time to redeem it and give it a new life and a new purpose.

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